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Why You Need To Travel With Your Partner

When you’re fist pumping to Tiesto in Vegas, having cheese and champagne on a private charter in San Diego, getting fat on an Eastern Caribbean cruise, exploring Miami’s beaches, or taking a quick weekend getaway in wine country, it’s always a great experience with your special someone.

Here are a few reasons why you need to travel with your partner now:

  1. Memories make relationships stronger

I can’t count the number of times Julia would say, “OMG! Remember the time…” Sometimes, it could be as simple as eating pasta during Julia’s 26th birthday getaway, where we had the most amazing pasta at Ristorante Allegria. Or seeing a picture of a monkey and remembering our time at St.Kitts, where we took pictures with a baby monkey named Thomas. Memories like these positively bind relationships, and the more we have the merrier.

  1. Spending Every Waking Moment with Them

It may be something we overlook, but when you travel with your partner, you’re essentially with them 24/7, minus bathroom breaks of course. For many, this is a first. It’s not our fault; we’re either in school, studying, working, or spending time with other friends and family.  Here’s a little experiment, how many hours do you spend with your significant other per day? A survey showed the majority spends 3-6 hours together. So, bam, you just booked a 5 day vacation together to Hawaii. Get ready; you’ll see sides of each other you never would have otherwise and it’s absolutely important.

  1. Compatibility, the Good and Bad Habits

In a perfect world, everyone gets along and unicorns exist. However, that isn’t the case and every relationship doesn’t work out as we know. If you’re thinking of getting more serious with your partner, traveling is a great way to help deepen that connection. At the same time, you may realize you can’t stand them, in that case, better to end things now than later.

  1. Breaking Comfort Zones

Maybe you’re a dance prodigy and your partner isn’t. This is a perfect time to show your skills and break them out of their comfort zones. When traveling, the grounds are neutral and heck, you won’t know anyone anyways! As for Julia, she’s not the best swimmer, but for her 24th birthday, I rented out a private charter to take us snorkeling around the beautiful French and Dutch island of St. Martin. As you can imagine, jumping off a boat into the open ocean is not the easiest thing to do. To be honest, I was a bit concerned myself, but I jumped into the water first so I could help Julia ease in. She ended up in the water shortly after and having the time of her life. It’s something she’s proud to share with her friends and family and it’s a beautiful memory we shared together.

  1. Quality time, not Quantity time

Sometimes spending quality time with your partner is harder than it seems. You have friends joining for drinks, family over for dinner, or simply work getting in the way. No guys, watching Netflix marathons doesn’t count either. Traveling is absolutely a great way to just focus on each other and nothing else. Leave the day-to-day distractions at home and go explore the world (or your backyard) together.

  1. It’s not about the destination but the journey

Sure the top exotic places in the world sound amazing, but there’s a good chance none of us can afford all that yet. Just remember, traveling is not just about the destination, but more about the journey it takes you on. The sporadic events of random encounters you face together will be the things you remember. For example, Julia and I have a yearly LA trip and most of the time we decide to drive from San Francisco instead of flying. The cost ends up almost being the same, but the 16-hour car ride together is priceless.

  1. Marriage

“Wait, I just went to San Diego with my partner and now I’m supposed to marry them? You’re crazy!” Okay, before you think I’m jumping the gun, just hear me out. If you can survive traveling multiple times with your partner, I think it’s a good indication you can survive anything. Let me quickly ask, If you had to travel the world, whose one person you would look forward to doing it with? If you choose your partner, that’s saying a whole lot if you ask me. Then again, I’d love to travel with my best friends too, but we’ll save that for another post ;]



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