10 Reasons Why You Need to Cruise

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In my experience, people negatively compare cruising to a hotel that moves. Now, I don’t know about you, but some hotels are so accommodating, that you would never want to ever leave. With that said, a cruise is every bit of that, plus amazing food, top-notch entertainment, Zumba, endless ocean views, the most beautiful sunsets, and I can go on and on.

Let’s break it down to the top 10 reasons:

  1. Unplugged
Because pool pictures are SO overrated. #HelloOcean

Because pool pictures are SO overrated. #HelloOcean

Aren’t you tired of receiving hundreds of daily emails, being nagged by your boss, living in front of your screen, or just feeling technology rules you? A cruise is your answer. Unless you have some satellite phone or want to shell out $1 per minute to use the Internet, the only reason why you’ll have your cell phone is for pictures.

  1. The FOOD

Oceanview Cafe, Buffet Style, Serving Breakfast, Lunch Dinner. Photo by: Celebrity Cruises.

Remember “freshman 15” during those college days? Depending on your cruise duration, you can expect at least a “cruise 5”. All major cruise lines will have a buffet option and select dining rooms included in the price fare, but if you’re feeling fancy, you can opt for specialty dining at exclusive restaurants. My favorite is Murano on Celebrity Cruise Lines, which is easily on par with any Michelin star restaurant. Oh and you can’t forget about the 24 hour room service.

  1. Hassle-free Luggage
3 luggage - bonvoyage

Our Aqua Class Balcony Room, it was more than enough room. Photo by: bonvoyage

Simply unpack once and have the ability to travel to several ports and destinations without packing and unpacking each time. This is a true luxury compared to the typical land or air vacations.

  1. Personal Balcony
4 personal balcony

Delivered by room service, amazing way to start the day.

It’s impossible to put a price tag for the experience of having your own private balcony on a cruise. I’ve stayed in many land resorts over the years that overlooked the ocean or something scenic, but the stagnant view gets old quick. On a cruise, the ever-changing views, sounds of the ocean and lounge chairs are well worth it. A full breakfast on the balcony at that point is just a bonus.

  1. Entertainment
5 entertainment Vanny europecruiseexperts

Celebrity Cruise has the most amazing shows. Photo by: EuropeCruiseExperts

The best comedy shows I’ve ever seen are on Cruise ships. Other shows match the athleticism and creativity of Cirque du Soleil (cough Celebrity Cruises). You’ll also find educational classes from cooking to finance, ballroom dancing, live music throughout the day, and places to dance the night away. The best part about this, it’s all covered in your cruise fare price.

  1. Against the House
6 casino- captainsandcruises

Casinos on a Cruise, genius. Photo by: CaptainandCruises

Yes, casinos are onboard many of the major cruise lines. Come find me at the craps table, roulette, and blackjack!

  1. Economical

Cruises are 100% cashless, you use these instead.

Unless you’re thinking of traveling with Seabourn, Silverseas, or Crystal cruises (to name a few), you’ll still have a pretty penny left in your bank. Remember that the fare covers your accommodations, food, entertainment and travel. If you break that up, you’ll find that similar land vacations stack up higher.

  1. Pampered

Persian Gardens, those are hot stone beds. Photo by: sojournwithstacey

The staff on cruise ships is by far the best I’ve encountered through my years of traveling both domestically and abroad. You’ll be greeted with smiles from the bartender to the cruise director. Julia and I tend to lay our clothes in random places around the room (we’re on vacation!). To our surprise, our steward (from Celebrity Cruises Aqua Class) actually folded them up into “his” and “her” piles. Aqua Class guest also have complimentary spa amenities access. #Amazing

  1. The People
9 people

Meeting amazing random people at the bar.

The United Nations could probably learn a lesson or two from observing cruise ship passengers. You’ll find a diverse mix of different nationalities on board and most importantly, everyone is getting along sipping beers, wines, or fancy cocktails. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting Napa winery owners, established Entrepreneurs, a few high executives, workers compensation judge, commercial pilot – you name it.

  1. The BOOZE
10 booze2

Bar tab was quite high after 7 days, but well worth it!

I’m not officially on vacation until the cruise sails out of the port and I’m hearing “cheers” while clinging glasses of something special the bartender made. Personally, I found the price to be on par with my local bars and far below club pricing. On average, most cocktails were $8, but after 7 days of cruising that tab does add up! Be on the lookout for happy hour deals throughout the cruise.

BONUS: Destinations and Ports

11 destinations

Woke up to this. Why hello there, Puerto Rico!

There is literally a cruise for anyone. From river cruises to mega ships leaving from Prague to Paris, Amsterdam to Bucharest, Bangkok to Mandalay, Shanghai to Beijing, St. Petersburg to Moscow, Washington to Alaska, and California to Mexico. Cruises allow you to enjoy the world. Just remember, when you’re traveling on a cruise, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey.



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