10 Reasons Why Cabo Is Better Than Vegas

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I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve been to Las Vegas, (or maybe I just can’t remember), either way it’s always a good time. As for Cabo, I’ve been there twice (soon to be three) and it’s not just a good time, but an amazing one. The first time was for a bachelor’s trip and another time was with my older brother and mom. As you can imagine, that’s the biggest spectrum right there. Yet, Cabo was perfect for both occasions.

Let’s get serious; I want YOU to be in Cabo next time instead of Vegas.

So Why Cabo?

  1. It’s cheaper

People are honest as long as they can afford to be- Benny Binion

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When you factor in gambling, Vegas gets pricey. A trip from San Francisco to Los Cabos with an all-inclusive hotel and flight will run you around $600 during a good deal. That’s value right there.

  1. Unlimited food and alcohol


In case you were wondering what “All-Inclusive” meant, there you have it (be sure your hotel offers it). You can literally walk up to a bar and ask for 5, 10, or 20 shots and they’ll serve it up for the price of… You already paid! Just remember good service deserves good tips.

  1. Laid back atmosphere

Any other Saturday at Mango Deck. #mangodeck #medano #baja #bcs #mexico #beach #cabo #cabosanlucas

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Or as I like to call it, chill. Vegas is all about your social status, who you know, how much money you have to spend, and always trying to look your best. In Cabo, you don’t really worry about anything, wear whatever, and go hangout on the beach.

  1. The better desert

Greetings from Cabo! Love sunsets. #qualitytime

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Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert. Cabo is also in a desert, but it’s on the Baja peninsula surrounded by mountains and gorgeous beaches. I see a clear winner here.

  1. Warm weather all year round

Vegas weather dips into the 50’s during winter. Let’s just say Cabo keeps its pools open all year.

  1. Cabo’s nature is beautiful

Cabo is where the desert meets the sea. Go diving or snorkeling to discover the amazing marine life. Or check out El Arco, the famous rock formation you see in all your friends Instagram pictures.

  1. The Mexican food

In a food battle, Las Vegas would probably win overall in quality and diversity, but you’re in Mexico and the Mexican food can’t be missed. I don’t mean at the hotel food either (although the Monte Cristo resort is delicious), get some street food! Sometimes I think this reason alone is worth the trip. Bonus: Seafood is also a must try.

  1. Excursions Galore

Enjoy skydiving, horseback riding along the Oceanside, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, ATVing, parasailing, scuba diving, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, zip lining, driving dune buggies, jet skiing and more.

  1. The service

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The staff is extremely friendly, especially the bartenders. Also not speaking from personal experience, but I know when you drink too much, they’ll wheelchair you back to your room. Now that’s what you call service and it makes for great pictures (as long as it’s not you in the chair).

  1. It actually feels like a vacation

Breakfast with one beautiful view. #cabo #cabovacation #mexicovacay #breakfast #nofilter

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Don’t get me wrong, Vegas is fun, but 100% of the time I come back feeling drained and needing another vacation from my vacation. Go to Cabo and come back refreshed.

To book, I recommend using travelocity. They have the best search options and in my experience great deals too.




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